The Flying Burrito Brothers всі треки

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Слухати пісні The Flying Burrito Brothers

  1. Sin City 4:09
  2. To Ramona 3:40
  3. Christine's Tune [A.K.A. Devil I
  4. Christine's Tune 5:32
  5. Christine’s Tune 3:01
  6. Dark End Of The Street 3:55
  7. Do Right Woman 3:56
  8. Hot Burrito #1 3:39
  9. Juanita 2:29
  10. My Uncle 2:37
  11. Wheels 3:02
  12. Wild Horses
  13. Christine's Tune (A.K.A. Devil In Disguise)
  14. Do You Know How It Feels (To Be Lonesome)
  15. Hippie Boy
  16. Lazy Days
  17. Image Of Me 3:18
  18. High Fashion Queen
  19. If You Gotta Go
  20. Man In The Fog
  21. Farther Along
  22. Older Guys
  23. Cody, Cody
  24. God's Own Singer
  25. Down In The Churchyard
  26. Break My Mind
  27. Dim Lights
  28. Just Because
  29. Six Days On The Road 2:54
  30. To Love Somebody 3:19
  31. Close Up The Honky-Tonks
  32. Sing Me Back Home (Edit)
  33. I Shall Be Released
  34. The Train Song
  35. Brand New Heartache
  36. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
  37. Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven
  38. Sleepless Nights
  39. Together Again
  40. Honky Tonk Women
  41. Green Green Grass Of Home
  42. The Angels Rejoiced Last Night
  43. Bony Moronie
  44. Wake Up Little Susie (live)
  45. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  46. Lodi
  47. Money Honey (live)
  48. White Line Fever
  49. Ain't That A Lot Of Love (live)
  50. Don't Fight It (live)
  51. Losing Game (live)
  52. Tried So Hard
  53. All Alone
  54. 100 Years From Now (live)
  55. Cannonball Rag
  56. Building Fires
  57. Diggy Liggy
  58. Take A Whiff Of Me
  59. Faded Love
  60. Easy To Get On
  61. Bon Soir Blues
  62. She Thinks I Still Care
  63. Why Baby Why
  64. Chuck Berry Medley
  65. Colorado 4:52
  66. Hand To Mouth
  67. Just Can't Be
  68. Four Days Of Rain 3:39
  69. Can't You Hear Me Calling
  70. Why Are You Crying
  71. Here Tonight
  72. San Fernando Road
  73. Windfall
  74. Sweet Susannah
  75. Back To Bayou Teche
  76. California Jukebox
  77. Buckaroo
  78. Tomorrow We'll Do It Again
  79. World Without You
  80. Dance, Dance, Dance
  81. Willin'
  82. Two Hearts
  83. I Ain't Livin' Long Like This
  84. Take a Walk on the Edge
  85. My Baby's Gone
  86. CJB Revisited
  87. Dixie Breakdown
  88. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
  89. Orange Blossom Special
  90. Big Bayou
  91. Mr. Spaceman
  92. Citizen Kane
  93. Truck Drivin' Man
  94. Rock Top
  95. Do You Know How It Feels?
  96. One Hundred Years From Now (Live At The Fillmore
  97. Christine's Tune (A/K/A Devil In Disguise) (Live
  98. I Am A Pilgrim (Live At The Fillmore East)
  99. Willie And The Hand Jive (Live At The Fillmore E
  100. Feel Good Music (Live At The Fillmore East)
  101. Hot Burrito #2 (Live At The Fillmore East)
  102. Uncle Pen
  103. Louisana Man
  104. She Belongs to Me
  105. Streets Of Baltimore
  106. Cash On The Barrelhead
  107. Mystery Train
  108. Christine's Tune (Devil In Disguise)
  109. Take A City Bride
  110. Come A Little Closer
  111. Blue Eyes
  112. Don't Go Down The Drain
  113. Help Is On The Way
  114. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
  115. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  116. Sing Me Back Home (Album Version)
  117. If You Got The Money
  118. Waiting For Love
  119. Close Up The Honky Tonks (Encore #2)
  120. Beat the Heat
  121. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Encore #3)
  122. One Hundred Years from Now (Live)
  123. Hickory Wind
  124. Christine’s Tune (Devil In Disguise)
  125. Hot Burrito #2
  126. She Belongs To Everyone But Me
  127. Somewhere Tonight
  128. Baby, How'd We Ever Get This Way
  129. Too Much Honky Tonkin'
  130. Midnight Magic Woman 3:31
  131. My Abandoned Heart
  132. She's a Friend of a Friend
  133. Cheating Kind Of Love
  134. Louisiana
  135. Why Must the Ending Always Be So Sad
  136. That's When You Know It's Over
  137. You
  138. I Swear I Don't Miss Her Anymore
  139. She's a Hell of a Deal
  140. Another Shade of Grey
  141. Damned If I'll Be Lonely Tonight
  142. If Something Should Come Between Us
  143. When You're Giving Yourself To a Stranger
  144. Run To the Night
  145. Coast To Coast
  146. Closer To You
  147. True Love Never Runs Dry
  148. Tell Me It Ain't So
  149. Lazy Days (Live At The Fillmore East)
  150. One Hundred Years From Now (Live At The Fillmore East)
  151. My Uncle (Live At The Fillmore East)
  152. Cody, Cody (Live At The Fillmore East)
  153. Christine's Tune (A/K/A Devil In Disguise) (Live At The Fillmore East)
  154. Dixie Breakdown (Live At The Fillmore East)
  155. Willie And The Hand Jive (Live At The Fillmore East)
  156. Wild Horses (Live At The Fillmore East)
  157. Six Days On The Road (Live At The Fillmore East)
  158. Sing Me Back Home
  159. Ain't That A Lot Of Love (Live/1971)
  160. Losing Game (Live/1971)
  161. Steel Guitar Rag (Live)
  162. Instrumental (Live)
  163. Devil In Disguise (Live)
  164. Funky In The Country (Live)
  165. Sam Stone (Live)
  166. About Time (Live)
  167. For Loving Me (Live)
  168. Steel Guitar Rag, Pt. 2 (Live)
  169. She Made Me Lose My Blues (Live)
  170. Steel Guitar Rag (Live)
  171. Mental Revenge (Live)
  172. Out of Control (Live)
  173. You Win Again (Live)
  174. We've Got to Get Ourselves Together (Live)
  175. Dream Baby (Live)
  176. Lucille (Live)
  177. Take a Message to Mary (Live)
  178. Train Song (Live)
  179. Close Up The Honky Tonks (Remastered Live Version)
  180. Dark End Of The Street (Remastered Live Version)
  181. Mental Revenge (Remastered Live Version)
  182. Image Of Me (Remastered Live Version)
  183. Christine's Tune (Remastered Live Version)
  184. Sin City (Remastered Live Version)
  185. Out Of Control (Remastered Live Version)
  186. Wake Up Little Susie (Remastered Live Version)
  187. You Win Again (Remastered Live Version)
  188. We've Got To Get Ourselves Together (Remastered Live Version)
  189. She Thinks I Still Care (Remastered Live Version)
  190. Dream Baby (Remastered Live Version)
  191. Lucille (Remastered Live Version)
  192. Take A Message To Mary (Remastered Live Version)
  193. Train Song (Remastered Live Version)