Dinah Washington всі треки

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Слухати пісні Dinah Washington

  1. Everybody Loves Somebody 2:27
  2. Since I Fell For You 2:40
  3. Drinking Again 3:35
  4. What a Difference a Day Makes 2:29
  5. It's a Mean Old Man's World 3:13
  6. A Rockin' Good Way (Original Mix)
  7. I Don't Hurt Anymore (Remastered)
  8. These Foolish Things 3:28
  9. Red Sails in the Sunset 2:34
  10. If I Were A Bell 2:08
  11. Baby
  12. Cry Me A River 2:26
  13. Mad About the Boy 2:48
  14. Ole Santa
  15. Silent Night
  16. Teach Me Tonight 2:45
  17. This Bitter Earth 2:27
  18. Unforgettable 2:41
  19. September in the Rain
  20. Our Love Is Here To Stay
  21. Call Me Irresponsible
  22. What A Diff'rence A Day Made 2:31
  23. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 3:28
  24. All of Me
  25. This Can't Be Love
  26. I Can't Get Started
  27. Blue Skies (edited version)
  28. Love Letters
  29. They Didn't Believe Me
  30. Stormy Weather
  31. Ain't Misbehavin'
  32. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
  33. I Get a Kick Out of You
  34. Come Rain or Come Shine
  35. Love Walked in
  36. Dream
  37. Manhattan 4:19
  38. It Could Happen to You
  39. Stardust
  40. I Wanna Be Loved 3:20
  41. Trouble In Mind
  42. You Don't Know What Love Is
  43. Love for Sale
  44. Evil Gal Blues
  45. I Don't Hurt Anymore 3:11
  46. Feel Like I Wanna Cry
  47. Please Send Me Someone to Love
  48. Tears to Burn
  49. I Could Have Told You
  50. I'll Never Be Free
  51. Salty Papa Blues
  52. Am I Blue?
  53. Make The Man Love Me
  54. When a Woman Loves a Man
  55. More Than You Know
  56. There Is No Greater Love
  57. Lover Man
  58. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
  59. Destination Moon
  60. Why Was I Born (Sweet Adeline)
  61. I'm Glad For Your Sake
  62. You're A Sweetheart
  63. That's My Desire
  64. I Used To Love You But It's All Over Now
  65. I'll Be Around
  66. Soulville
  67. That Sunday (That Summer)
  68. I Ran Out Of Reasons
  69. Just One More Chance
  70. To Forget About You
  71. Romance In The Dark
  72. No Hard Feelings
  73. He's My Guy
  74. Key To The Highway
  75. How Long
  76. The Blues Ain't Nothin' But A Woman Cryin' For H
  77. I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  78. Say It Isn't So
  79. The Man That Got Away
  80. Do Nothing 'til You Hear from Me 2:18
  81. What Kind Of Fool Am I
  82. Don't Say Nothing At All
  83. If It's The Last Thing I Do
  84. My Devotion
  85. Me and the One I Love
  86. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
  87. Me and My Gin
  88. Take Your Shoes Off
  89. I'll Never Stop Loving You
  90. Something's Gotta Give
  91. The Show Must Go On
  92. Don't Come Running Back To Me
  93. Take Me In Your Arms
  94. Stars Over My Shoulder
  95. A Handful Of Stars
  96. Where Are You?
  97. Just Friends
  98. Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning 8:40
  99. Miss You
  100. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You
  101. Coquette 2:58
  102. There Must Be A Way
  103. Let Me Be The First To Know
  104. Bill
  105. Drown In My Own Tears
  106. A Stranger On Earth
  107. I Didn't Know About You
  108. I'll Close My Eyes
  109. For All We Know
  110. What's New
  111. Funny Thing
  112. That Old Feeling
  113. He's Gone Again
  114. Make Someone Happy (From 'Do-Re-Mi')
  115. Icy Stone
  116. If I Never Get To Heaven
  117. Love Is The Sweetest Thing
  118. The Good Life 2:35
  119. On the Street of Regret
  120. A Rockin' Good Way
  121. Makin' Whoopee
  122. Let's Do It
  123. A Foggy Day
  124. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart
  125. Pennies From Heaven
  126. After You've Gone 3:38
  127. Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair
  128. Jailhouse Blues
  129. Trombone Butter
  130. You;ve Been A Good Ole Wagon
  131. Careless Love
  132. Back Water Blues
  133. If I Could Be with You One Hour Tonight
  134. Fine Fat Daddy
  135. I Remember You 2:48
  136. I Thought About You 3:02
  137. That's All There Is to That 2:16
  138. I'm Thru With Love 2:24
  139. What A Diff'rence A Day Makes (Single Version (O
  140. Nothing in the World 3:14
  141. Time After Time 2:30
  142. It's Magic 2:28
  143. A Sunday Kind of Love 2:36
  144. Come on Home
  145. Studio Dialogue (Dinah Washington / 731454330022
  146. Blue Gardenia
  147. I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life
  148. You're Crying
  149. But Not For Me
  150. Perdido
  151. Never Let Me Go
  152. Somebody Loves Me
  153. I'll Drown In My Tears
  154. You Let My Love Grow Cold
  155. Bargain Day
  156. Relax Max
  157. The Kissing Way Home
  158. I Know
  159. The Man I Love
  160. Embraceable You
  161. A Slick Chick (On the Mellow Side) 2:42
  162. Postman Blues
  163. That's Why a Woman Loves a Heel 2:52
  164. Walkin' and Talkin'
  165. Record Ban Blues
  166. (What Can I Say, Dear) After I Say I'm Sorry?
  167. I'll Wait (Master take)
  168. Good Daddy Blues
  169. It Isn't Fair
  170. Time Out For Tears
  171. New Blowtop Blues
  172. Wheel Of Fortune
  173. I Cried For You
  174. T.V. Is The Thing This Year
  175. Cold, Cold Heart
  176. Long John Blues
  177. Squeeze Me
  178. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry?
  179. Am I Asking Too Much
  180. It's Too Soon to Know
  181. Crazy He Calls Me (Live In Los Angeles / 1954)
  182. Lover Come Back To Me (Live In Los Angeles / 195
  183. If I Had You
  184. Backwater Blues (Live (1958/Newport))
  185. A Bad Case Of The Blues
  186. I Could Write A Book
  187. Make Me a Present of You
  188. I've Got You Under My Skin
  189. I Remember Clifford
  190. Easy Living
  191. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
  192. Bad Luck
  193. Trouble in the Lowlands
  194. Soft Winds
  195. Somewhere Along The Line
  196. Lingering
  197. I'm A Fool To Want You
  198. Harbor Lights
  199. Mixed Emotions
  200. No Love, No Nothin'
  201. I'll Get By
  202. Tears in My Heart
  203. That Soldier of Mine
  204. Wise Woman Blues
  205. Walking Blues
  206. No Voot No Boot
  207. Chewin' Mama Blues
  208. My Lovin' Papa
  209. Rich Man's Blues
  210. All Or Nothing
  211. Beggin' Mama Blues
  212. Mellow Mama Blues
  213. My Voot Is Really Vout
  214. Blues for a Day
  215. Pacific Coast Blues
  216. Lover, Come Back To Me
  217. Why Was I Born?
  218. Alone Together
  219. Summertime
  220. You Go To My Head
  221. I'll Remember April
  222. Mean and Evil Blues
  223. Oo-Wee Walkie Talkie
  224. Homeward Bound
  225. Joy Juice
  226. Close To You
  227. Willow Weep For Me
  228. Jitterburg Waltz
  229. And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
  230. Look to the Rainbow
  231. Arkansas
  232. Million Dollar Smile
  233. Duck Before You Drown
  234. I Sold My Heart to the Junkman
  235. I'm Afraid of You
  236. Saturday Night
  237. Tell Me So
  238. There's Got to Be a Change
  239. I Love You, Yes I Do
  240. Resolution Blues
  241. Stairway to the Stars
  242. Why Can't You Behave
  243. Don't Say You’re Sorry Again
  244. It's Funny
  245. You Can Depend On Me
  246. I Apologize
  247. Love (Me) With Misery
  248. I Want to Cry
  249. My Heart Cries for You
  250. You Didn't Want Me Then
  251. Why Don't You Think Things Over
  252. Only a Moment Ago
  253. Congratulations to Someone
  254. Do You Want It That Way 2:25
  255. I Understand 2:41
  256. Surprise Party 2:38
  257. This Love of Mine
  258. When I Fall In Love
  259. I Just Couldn't Stand It No More
  260. Big Long Slidin' Thing
  261. My Ideal
  262. What A Diff'rence A Day Makes (Single Version/Or
  263. Invitation
  264. Without a Song
  265. With a Song in My Heart
  266. Pagan Love Song
  267. Cabin In The Sky
  268. An Affair To Remember
  269. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
  270. Six Bridges To Cross
  271. Three Coins In The Fountain
  272. Green Dolphin Street
  273. Am I The Fool
  274. Aw Come On, Kiss Me
  275. As Long As I'm in Your Arms
  276. I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me
  277. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
  278. I Was Telling Him About You
  279. Friendly Persuation
  280. Blues In The Night
  281. Bye Bye Blues
  282. Rockin' Good Way, A (To Mess Around And Fall In Love)
  283. I Concentrate on You
  284. That's All I Want from You
  285. Blow Top Blues (Single Version)
  286. Cold Cold Heart (Single Version)
  287. How Deep Is the Ocean
  288. New York, Chicago & Los Angeles
  289. Juice Head Man of Mine
  290. I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
  291. 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do
  292. I'm Lost Without You Tonight
  293. Sunny Side Of The Street
  294. Ill Wind
  295. A Cottage For Sale
  296. There'll Be Some Changes Made
  297. Goodbye
  298. Accent On Youth
  299. What Is This Thing Called Love
  300. Birth Of The Blues / I Don't Hurt Any More
  301. Ask a Woman Who Knows (Original Mix)
  302. Call Me (Original Mix)
  303. I Could Write a Book (Original Mix)
  304. Love for Sale (Original Mix)
  305. Not One Step Behind (Original Mix)
  306. If I Had You (Original Mix)
  307. Me and My Gin (Original Mix)
  308. Backwater Blues (Original Mix)
  309. Come Rain or Come Shine (Original Mix)
  310. As Long as I'm in Your Arms (Original Mix)
  311. Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair (Original Mix)
  312. I Can't Face the Music (Original Mix)
  313. I'll Come Back for More (Original Mix)
  314. My Ideal (Original Mix)
  315. Let Me Love You (Original Mix)
  316. No More (Original Mix)
  317. You've Been a Good Ole Wagon (Original Mix)
  318. Our Love Is Here to Stay (Original Mix) 3:09
  319. Sometimes I'm Happy (Original Mix)
  320. Summertime (Original Mix)
  321. Blue Skies (Original Mix)
  322. Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You (Original Mix)
  323. This I Promise You (Original Mix)
  324. Make the Man Love Me (Original Mix)
  325. This Heart of Mine (Original Mix)
  326. With a Song in My Heart (Original Mix)
  327. Blue Gardenia (Original Mix)
  328. Blue Skies (Unedited Version) [Original Mix]
  329. I'll Never Kiss You Goodbye (Original Mix)
  330. What a Diff'rence a Day Makes (Original Mix)
  331. After You've Gone (Original Mix)
  332. Nothing in the World (Original Mix)
  333. That's All There Is to That (Original Mix)
  334. I Won't Cry Anymore (Original Mix)
  335. Careless Love (Original Mix)
  336. I'm Thru With Love (Original Mix) 2:29
  337. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (Original Mix)
  338. I Remember You (Original Mix)
  339. I Thought About You (Original Mix)
  340. I've Got a Crush On You (Original Mix)
  341. There'll Be a Jubilee (Original Mix)
  342. Without a Song (Original Mix)
  343. Jailhouse Blues (Original Mix) 3:13
  344. Let's Do It (Original Mix)
  345. God Bless the Child (Original Mix)
  346. Bye Bye Blues (Original Mix)
  347. Cry Me a River (Original Mix)
  348. A Foggy Day (Original Mix)
  349. Love Walked In (Original Mix)
  350. Pennies from Heaven (Original Mix)
  351. If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight (Original Mix)
  352. September in the Rain (Original Mix)
  353. Someone to Believe In (Original Mix)
  354. Softly (Baby) [Original Mix]
  355. Lover Come Back to Me (Original Mix)
  356. Trombone Butter (A.K.A. Trombone Cholly) [Original Mix] 3:34
  357. What'll I Tell My Heart (Original Mix)
  358. Such a Night
  359. Trust In Me
  360. Trouble Trouble
  361. Blues On My Weary Mind
  362. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me - 2003 Remastered Version
  363. My Old Flame
  364. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
  365. Baby (You've Got What It Takes)
  366. Blue Skies
  367. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
  368. All of Me (Remastered)
  369. Unforgettable (Remastered)
  370. You're Crying (Remastered)
  371. Embraceable You (Remastered)
  372. Big Long Slidin' Thing (Remastered)
  373. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye (Remastered)
  374. Evil Gal Blues (Remastered)
  375. Blue Gardenia (Remastered)
  376. Harbour Lights (Remastered)
  377. This Bitter Earth (Remastered)
  378. If I Were a Bell (Remastered)
  379. September in the Rain (Remastered)
  380. A Foggy Day (Remastered)
  381. Keepin' Out of Mischief Now (Remastered)
  382. My Ideal (Remastered)
  383. What a Difference a Day Makes (Remastered)
  384. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Remastered)
  385. Teach Me Tonight (Remastered)
  386. Look to the Rainbow (Remastered)
  387. Everybody Loves Somebody (Remastered)
  388. New Blowtop Blues (Remastered)
  389. I've Got a Feelin' I'm Fallin' (Remastered)
  390. Stardust (Remastered)
  391. Cry Me a River (Remastered) 2:25
  392. T'aint Nobody's Business If I Do (Remastered)
  393. Early Every Morning (Early Every Evening Too) (Remastered)
  394. It Could Happen to You (Remastered)
  395. Mad About the Boy (Remastered)
  396. What A Diff'rence A Day Made (feat. Belford Hendricks' Orchestra)
  397. What A Diff'rence A Day Made - Single Version/Original Title