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[Verse 1: TeWo]

Mother Earth is dying
And I know ‘cause she told me last night
She told me that people had serpent-like chokehold around
While reading her last rights
The Moon is crying
And the Sun has lost his faith
A planetary quarantine is what you asked for
Well you got it, are you happy that we’re locked away?
Uh, now I stalk my prey
Uh, if I pass you then it’s not your day
Uh, feelin’ like Jesus of Suburbia, American idiocy just rots away
Anything in its path, any means of attack
They be dumbin’ you down while you sleep on the facts
I daydream to relax
When the outlook is a bleak and I’m seeking to pass
Through to the other side now
Motherfucker, where everything’s upside down
In the ocean, during a hurricane
Nothing but water not even a lighthouse
What, what do I do here?
It feels like I’ve been here a few years
Then human nature kicks in quickly, and anything unknown just equals fear
Uh, I’m like a sacrificial lamb, damn
I’m exhausted from fightin’ with the Sandman
Going homicide on my suicidal thoughts
Killing everything in my path, I’m Carl Panzram
In a hazmat suit, ‘cause the radiation grew
Few people have not mutated
Where is your God, after starting the Rapture
You are still here without compensation

[Verse 2: Mosi]

Father Time is a liar, I looked him in the eye
And we fell from the heavens, not even reaching for the sky
The world at peace is what we wanted it to be
The impact caused a magnitude of nine point three
Out of my cornea all I can see is a black horse
Hunger be winnin’, takin’ it back to the past wars
When the mad corpses singing to Bloody Mary
Walking dead, ghoul’s eyes that are redder than a cherry
Varied noises blaring and the sky is black and grim
The opening up of a bloody Moon and then it begins
To rain acid rain upon brains, now they raise hell
Huffing chemtrails but we think we slick and win
A fiery horse appeared, Rome has fallen once more
Out of the sea, another beast completely done for
Seven heads of blasphemy written on ‘em, and ten horns
With the ultimate harlot on it, on this planet and this whore
Mother of prostitutes, adultress of eternity
Sweet sorrows of man begin to churn and stir and burn in me
It’s burning me, I like it
Die again for the Earth
Instead of three days
Give me a second I’m out the dirt
The hand of God be dropping like atomic bombs so gorgeous
Mushroom clouds all around, real potent and enormous
Feel the forces, mental, physical, and spiritual
Just know, not even a single angel hearin’ you
The faded screams of terror are embedded in the air
Charred bodies still remain but coldly lyin’ there
Souls of ignorance, innocence, that were scared
Of what they thought could never happen
Livin’ in a nightmare
Everything disintegrating, look at it all fade
Everybody enemies, the planet turn to grey
This was the day that you prayed to be saved
By the great holy mate who be a Nazare
Ahhhhhh, now you sold your soul
This be a new age, his name Nikolai
He has defied Yahweii and tonight
The world will have disappeared with a blink of an eye

[Outro: Mosi]

So fall asleep
It’s coming to an end
It was all a dream
And you will wake up in bed
To find you’re bleeding right from your head
A reoccurring loop, or are you really dead?