Destiny's Child — If


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Текст песни Destiny's Child — If

If I dont pick up the phone like I used to (for you)
dont you take it personal
if I dont do all the things that I used to do (to you)
I aint mad at you
if you get to feeling stressed up in your chest
thinking that you about to lose
(baby its true)
and if you losing out on sleep
on worrying about me
this how it be


there once was a time
i blamed myself for what was wrong
(i can see so clearly now because you are gone)
thats how i spent all my time when you werent home
(playin around with them raggedy heffers)
therell be no more stressing
no more crying no more trying
I would rather be alone
(Id rather be all by myself yeah)
cause this valuable heart of mine
was yours until i realized finally opened my eyes