A BOOGIE WIT DA HOODIE — Quiet Storm Freestyle

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Текст песни A BOOGIE WIT DA HOODIE — Quiet Storm Freestyle

I had to practice the come up
I’m on a roof to see the bottom
Yo these niggas be wilding they really losing me
Niggas that was saying they fuck with me was using me
But that was way back when I used to be what I used to be
They took the ladder off of the building
And told us catch up
So I started flipping onions just so I could get my bread up
But now I’m going ham in the building
Cause they ain’t let us
Saying fuck the mozzarella
Cause nigga I wanted cheddar
My heart colder than a case of beers in the freezer
This is how you niggas made me though
I ain’t no killer until a motherfucker give me a reason
I ain’t never let em play me though
And the other day
This bitch gon' tell me she love me
Then she said that she hate me
And now she saying i’m ugly
Before she wanted my baby
Niggas say I’m funny and tell me that they made me
But when I start going crazy don’t look at me like I'm crazy nigga
Yeah, don’t look at me like I'm crazy
My nigga moving that white
But don’t look at him like he shady
My nigga move with that Tom Hilfiger
How to go brady ?
And all my niggas gone to the max
B I'm wavy
I ain’t saying I’m a player
But I’m kinda smoove
Shawty gave me head the other day
I wouldn’t lie to you
I’ll show the way her knees and toes go when she riding you
Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, I'll body you
They never told me this but cash rules niggas around me
And I noticed it
The Girls, the girls, they love us, I know this shit
But girl you ain’t my only bitch that wanna be my only bitch
I did a couple niggas a favor but they don’t owe me shit
Cross me and I number 2 on em holy shit
Oh well waves on swim
Moby Dick
My heart ten degrees in the summer and that’s how cold it get
Understand it, I'ma get it on my own
And I know that you gon' feel me if you listen to this song
They say words don’t hurt you
But a stick'll break a bone
If they throw me in the jungle
I'ma make that shit my home
And it's coat on the dishes
Pocket full of wishes
Got my heart broke now I ain’t fucking with you bitches
And got my heart broken
Now it’s covered up with stitches is the only way of fixing it
Listen I said many men
Many, many many many men
Want my head I’m just tryna get my bread up
Niggas ain't loyal got me fed up
(I swear these niggas got me fed up)
What about the times we was on the corner flipping quarters
Tryna get a half on sunny days
We was selling waters
Birthdays was the worst days
Used to cop a 50 cent juice from the ocks when we was thirsty
Chose getting money in the worst ways
Robbing, stealing, and selling crack behind project buildings
Mama called us super heros
Nigga yall say villains
Mind telling me to chill but my heart say kill em
So I keep the 9s on me for any nigga that keep they eyes on me
Real eyes, realize, real lies
Niggas lied on me
Switching sides on me
I thought we was cool
Why you want me to die homie?
If they ain’t down to die, why you gon' ride for em?
Niggas wanna kill em and before I would’ve died for em
I don’t fuck with niggas wanna know why
Cause them same old niggas used to say they gon' ride
Nowadays I don't know if niggas love or hate me
What’s the difference between love and hate?
Cause nigga now a days I don't know if niggas love or hate me
Cause nigga now a days I don't know if niggas love or hate me
Cause nigga now a days I don't know if niggas love or hate me