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Yeah, burn me my Babylon, Yeah…...
Satta man peace, Satta man…...
Moscow, baby, Moscow…...
Real Rasta man gonna take it over, you know……... Yo!

You wanna dead fall,
You wanna dark,
You wanna smack on,
You wanna craw,
You wanna o-o,
You wanna peace,
Come on, yeah; tell me what it is…, yo!

It’s the international flag oh we, yo!
Coming over, yo, making cover that’s cure ado
Continents in the world, you about the enter,
Do white spat please! You don’t know anything
About something new for your mind,
And the kind of people, when are you thinking,
And a CarPoint, you are gonna hovering,
You to the gate, show you my game,
Explore my name, it’s TVT. That’s whose hell, yo!
Decl! Up fire! On dance poll!
Moscow is where I came from,
That’s where I was born, this is my home!
So stop in the way of the walk, yo,
Let me speak, rappers are we talk?
Errand know joke I’ve got there is your business,
Show disrespect for the frost them each others…!

So hard, yeah…...
So hard, you can burn, yo…!
So hard, you can burn your self,
So hard…...

Stop black and white sheet, stop rather sheet,
Whenever want plan, and just wait erase...
We make the bits for your needs, for the streets,
My name is the biggest; I’m your fat pap...…
There are identified white spas pushers,
In the end stop my flow, flip your body,
Like a bomb attack, after gangster craw,
I make positive craft, now where what you don’t still do?
Steps ahead if the new sheet, ship for
The Moscow, the streets is…... I’m in a rap game,
I will do nothing for the queen pocking,
On a Rasta cream on grabbing, can’t stop
Fucking, and the shot, I’m waking,
Who is in my pockets, that’s why my flow,
Like wow, like don’t, I can’t stop, no more
When I’m like the stricture, you better lei low,
Garnish like a blow, UFO, my people yo!
Move your dolly sole to the beach, yo!
Elian, what we up, you wanna join my army,
Can you fill me, yeah nigga...
Don’t try to stop me,
Cause I’m a crazies, mother fucka!

That you never seen, that never heard, that you never try!

Crying me out, Ector widen destroy!

So hard, you can burn, yeah…...
So hard, you can burn, yeah…...
So hard, you can burn your self, wow!
So hard...