the moldy peaches

  1. Little Bunny Foo Foo 1:19
  2. Anyone Else But You 2:59
  3. Lazy Confessions 1:49
  4. These Burgers 2:01
  5. Ballad of Helenkeller and Rip Va
  6. Who's Got the Crack 3:25
  7. Downloading Porn With Davo 2:24
  8. Jorge Regula
  9. Lucky Number Nine 2:10
  10. Nothing Came Out 5:04
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As a child, Adam Green loved mathematics. In his teens, he became interested in the occult, particularly Satanism. At the age of 19, he became acquainted with a volunteer minister named Eldar who took him under his wing. Eldar, who was an alchemist in many ways, asked Geoff Travis(the owner of Rough Trade Records) to provide him with funding to put together a hard hitting Satanist boy/girl group. Travis, already impressed with Eldar’s success with The Strokes, was all too eager to dish out the cash. Now that the money was coming in, Eldar began to form the band. He teamed Green up with Kimya Dawson. As a child Kimya sang her devil music to the good catholic kids in school, but her only pr...

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Клип the moldy peaches - Little Bunny Foo Foo

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Клип the moldy peaches - Anyone Else But You

Anyone Else But You

Клип the moldy peaches - Lazy Confessions

Lazy Confessions

Клип the moldy peaches - These Burgers

These Burgers

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