snak the ripper

  1. Eight Hours a Day 3:03
  2. Vandalize Shit Ft. Onyx 3:00
  3. Assisted Suicide (Madchild Diss) 3:25
  4. Karma 3:07
  5. Light the Wick
  6. Liquor
  7. From the Dirt 3:45
  8. Poison 3:30
  9. Runnin Wild
  10. Real Drugs
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Snak The Ripper raps with a voice as raw and honest as his material. In just three years, Snak has gone from rock-bottom anonymous, to internet superhero. Snak has garnered millions of YouTube views, solo tours across Canada and Europe as well as support slots with the likes of Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, The Beatnuts, Raekwon, RA The Rugged Man, Ill Bill, Sean Price, Camp Lo, Swollen Members and Cunninlynguists to name a few. He spent six months at #1 on MySpace’s Canadian Hip Hop Charts while also holding the #1 spot on's local charts and #3 nationally. Snak also won the “Best Hip Hop Artist” award at the 2011 Urban Culture Conference Awards in Vancouver determined solely...

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Клип snak the ripper - Eight Hours a Day

Eight Hours a Day

Клип snak the ripper - Vandalize Shit Ft. Onyx

Vandalize Shit Ft. Onyx

Клип snak the ripper - Assisted Suicide (Madchild Diss)

Assisted Suicide (Madchild Diss)

Клип snak the ripper - From the Dirt

From the Dirt

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