1. Chris Brown
  2. Раскачаем 3:26
  3. The 1975 3:25
  4. Try 2:21
  5. Night Symphony 4:20
  6. Не Умирай 3:27
  7. вау-вау
  8. American boy 3:51
  9. Адский набух 3:26
  10. Один за всех 3:23
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1) Канадская группа
"Sex" was formed by Yves Rousseau (guitar), Robert Trepanier (vocals, bass, flute, harmonica), and Serge Gratton (drums). They released a self-titled album in 1970. The LP features rudimentary hard rock tracks based on heavy blues, a style prevalent in Britain at the time. (In fact, one could describe the album as a cross between Budgie and Black Sabbath.) This strong blues influence could explain it being labeled as "psychedelic" by some. Lyrics are sung in English with a heavy French accent, which was still mostly the case in Quebec, until Dionysos, who played many shows with Sex, broke the trend by singing all in French. Song titles and lyri...

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Клип sex - Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Клип sex - The 1975

The 1975

Клип sex - Try


Клип sex - Не Умирай

Не Умирай

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