1. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore
  2. Auf, auf zum fröhlichen Jagen
  3. I Can't Stop Loving You
  4. Baby I Don't Care
  5. Look Homeward Angel
  6. (You Hit The Wrong Note) Billy Goat
  7. Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
  8. Show Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)
  9. Love Me (Baby Can't You Love Me)
  10. Eterno Ritornello (Te Vojo Ben)
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Rolando Samper "Sampler" born in Mexico (1984) as a kid he always love music and with inspiration by his dad and the tunes they heard together such as "pink floyd, the doors, led zeppelin and others", in highschool he had a punk rock band and always loved to party and in 2004 he heard Psytrance the first time and since then everything chance. By 2006 he started mixing in parties till 2008, and in 2010 after some time he decided to start producing Experimental Dark-Psy, with tracks @ 170bpm's or more.

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