1. record club 2:32
  2. ekor
  3. Retallack Lodge 3:18
  4. Armada Sky
  5. Armageddon Time
  6. Avalanche
  7. Korean Mindset
  8. Skiing in London
  9. Speeding Up 4:32
  10. Stuck in a dream 4:52
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Riga in an audio/visual project born in 2003, composed of Martino Nencioni, Riccardo Pietroboni, Jacopo Barbaccia.

They are musicians and sound designers engaged in the creation of unusual sound paths. Their work takes shape through the use of various techniques such as field recording, combined with the programming of digital and analog audio sources. The result is a modern concept of acoustic space based on the formal recombination of ambient sound elements and synthetic. This constant research for timbre in sound habitat- contemporary experiential, stimulates complex and layered imaginary. Rarefied nebulous sounds, crossed by micro frequencies flux, alternate with rhythmic
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Клип riga - record club

record club

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