psychic jail

  1. Changes 2:59
  2. The Ocean Out Her Window 5:03
  3. B1BHO 3:17
  4. The Path of Light 3:25
  5. Nights
  6. Never Break Down
  7. Embrace, Then Fall
  8. While The Words Come
  9. This is not our time
  10. The Abyss
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Psychic jail is a project borned in 2008, from the idea of Alessandro Carletti (Alex, lead guitar) and Valerio D'Orazio (Hivano, drums). During the first months of hard work, the band saw many line up changes, recruiting Manuel (A Time to forget), Porporino (The Calyx of Calypso) and Matteo (Swan Shore), Tom on guitar and Capo on bass up to arrive to the current line up which sees Alex on guitar, Hivano on drums, Bubbi (Daniele Buzzanca) on Vocal Scream, Matteo (Matteo Dondi, ex Icon Of Sin) on guitar and clean vocals, and Lele (Emanuele Agazzi, ex Says TV) on bass. During these two years there have been many changes and above the line up, including musical genre. Psychic Jail early ...

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Клип psychic jail - Changes


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