1. So Fresh So Clean 3:58
  2. Sorry Mrs. Jackson 4:13
  3. Hey Ya! 2:18
  4. Fallen Years
  5. Rosa Parks 3:55
  6. Elements
  7. The Whole World 4:54
  8. Spin Angular Momenta
  9. Ms. Jackson
  10. I'm sorry Miss Jackson
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The band formed in early 1977, with an initial line up of Blair Hamilton (vocals), Greg Cowan (bass), Colin "Getty" Getwood (lead guitar), and Greg's brothers Colin Cowan (drums), and Martin Cowan (ryhthm guitar). According to Greg Cowan, their name derived from the fact that they were banned from five clubs in one week. Hamilton left the band within a month of its formation, with Greg Cowan taking over vocals.The band played their first gig in May 1977, playing a mixture of their own songs and cover versions of songs by The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned and The Ramones. After building a strong local following, they were picked up by the local It record label, who rele...

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