other lives

  1. Black Tables 4:33
  2. Speed Tape 4:40
  3. For 12 4:10
  4. Old Statues 4:09
  5. For The Last 4:01
  6. Don't Let Them 3:41
  7. It Was the Night 4:11
  8. It's Not Magic 4:05
  9. E Minor 3:51
  10. Dead Can
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There’s no point in trying to unearth an obvious “single” in Other Lives’ second album, Tamer Animals. Here’s a better idea instead: succumb. Let every last song wash over you like proper long players once did, from the swift strings and pulsating horns—a technique learned from old Philip Glass LPs—of “Dark Horse” to the richly orchestrated denouement of “Heading East,” a cut that could have been cribbed from the early instrumental sessions of Other Lives’ old band Kunek.

“The core of that band is still with me,” says frontman Jesse Tabish, who founded Kunek with cellist Jenny Hsu and drummer Colby Owens. “In a lot of ways, it’s still what I gravitate towards, songwriting wise.”

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Клип other lives - Black Tables

Black Tables

Клип other lives - Speed Tape

Speed Tape

Клип other lives - For 12

For 12

Клип other lives - Old Statues

Old Statues

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