1. Green Cape Sunset - Original Mix
  2. Magnolia (Original Mix) 5:22
  3. Nostalgic 4:54
  4. Breathing 4:03
  5. Love Lost (feat. Szen) 5:11
  6. Sensei (Original Mix) 6:40
  7. Dawnseeker (Original Mix)
  8. Magnolia 6:09
  9. Dawnseeker
  10. Above 4:37
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nuERA is an Orlando based hard rock band which draws its influence from many genres including metal, hip-hop, hardcore , and the dreaded nu-metal styles. They are currently finishing their first full length album titled "Dialysis" which has already seen airplay on radio stations.They have been featured on the world known ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK UPROAR TOUR, WJRR's EARTHDAY BIRTHDAY , and have won several battle of the bands shows including the Ernie Ball Best Buy Music BOTB. They have opened for several national acts including Avenged 7fold , Seether,3 Days Grace, Bullet for my Valentine, Art of Dying, Sevendust , All that Remains, Coheed and Cambria, Eye Empire, FLAW, Nonpoi...

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Клип nuERA - Magnolia (Original Mix)

Magnolia (Original Mix)

Клип nuERA - Breathing


Клип nuERA - Magnolia


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