1. Squeeze Me 1:02
  2. fire! 4:24
  3. Quarter Life Crisis 2:30
  4. shake shake 3:21
  5. When you can't afford a real Launchpad
  6. Little Sister 3:27
  7. Thresh Login Music 1:21
  8. sea 2:18
  9. Dare Me 4:48
  10. Hello Hell 0:56
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Japanese mixed pop group: lol-エルオーエル-

Active from: 2014

Record label: Avex Trax

Members: Yusuke Sato, Naoto Komiyama, honoka, moca, hibiki


LOL is a bit of an unusual project, it's just a thing in it's own right, it's not 'for' anything or anyone in particular, it's just an LP made by three bored people who like music that sounds like it did before the advent of the internet. The project was recorded in the bedroom of a warehouse conversion in Hackney Wick (bedrooms can be incredibly creative spaces, seeing as most of us were conceived in one)
They wrote about self-obsession, social anxiety, drug abuse, and fa...

Полная биография


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Клип lol - fire!


Клип lol - shake shake

shake shake

Клип lol - Little Sister

Little Sister

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