1. Call Me 4:21
  2. Way To An Angel 3:27
  3. I Pray 5:10
  4. Love You 4:45
  5. You and Me 4:12
  6. Remember Me - Original Mix
  7. Voice of The Wind - Original Mix
  8. Look Behind - Original Mix
  9. Voice of the Wind feat K.Melody - Original Mix
  10. At Sunset 3:43
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Denis Markin (born 28 april 1993) known as idenline, Russian-based electronic music artist and owner of the same name record label. After graduating from music school, started to create music since 2008. The first release came out in 2011 called "You and Me". More popular tracks, was released in 2012 under the name "Way to an angel" & "Call Me".

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Клип idenline - Call Me

Call Me

Клип idenline - Way To An Angel

Way To An Angel

Клип idenline - I Pray

I Pray

Клип idenline - You and Me

You and Me

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