1. superhero day 2:35
  2. We are sex toys 2:34
  3. Rock in Battle City 1:53
  4. Princess Coca 2:34
  5. Hell yeah 2:04
  6. Third crushed joystick 1:44
  7. apres nous le deluge 3:10
  8. Zombie Generation 3:48
  9. rockstar 2:18
  10. Acidhead 1:59
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This band is called Gidropony. The band hails from the small industrial city of Saransk, about 400 miles east of Moscow, in what is apparently the Russian equivalent of the Rust Belt. And there’s definitely something uniquely Russian about Gidropony’s mishmash sound, which mixes the crazy videogame synths of chiptune with elements of punk, electro and drum ‘n’ bass in what sounds like some bored Russian kids’ vague, thirdhand idea of what hipsters in Brooklyn must be listening to. They’re like the aural equivalent of cheap knockoff Levi’s, or that fake version of Donkey Kong you downloaded off BitTorrent that bombs your PC with Russian porn pop-ups.

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Клип gidropony - We are sex toys

We are sex toys

Клип gidropony - Princess Coca

Princess Coca

Клип gidropony - Hell yeah

Hell yeah

Клип gidropony - apres nous le deluge

apres nous le deluge

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