fly o tech

  1. Funk Me Down 6:28
  2. How You Make Me Feel - Betoko Re
  3. Gangstabot 6:43
  4. Oldsmobile - Original Mix
  5. Pitch My Heart - Original Mix
  6. spacetacula
  7. Mollecullar
  8. Somewhere 6:02
  9. Virus 6:23
  10. Ganstabot (Tigerskin Remix)
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Fly O Tech is an Electronic Band composed by Demian Muller and Ernesto Yoga.

Demian Muller: A vocalist and notable producer of the global electronic music scene today, Muller shares his work with several of the world's major labels, including Cadenza and 8Bit. This young artist is marked for his versatility as a producer and innovation on DJ sets.

Ernesto Yoga: Multi-instrumentalist and musician, featured at the Catholic University of Valparaiso, Yoga has extensive experience with the genres of Rock, Afro-Latin and Classical music. His musical evolution has thus far culminated in electronic music, and the creation of Fly-O-Tech in 2012.

Fly-O-Tech is known for power...

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Клип fly o tech - spacetacula


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