black jazz consortium

  1. Groove Meditation 7:42
  2. Living the Dream 7:03
  3. Blacklight 4:01
  4. Blessing
  5. Deep Love 7:00
  6. Far Away 3:41
  7. Levels 6:32
  8. New Horizon
  9. Something Old
  10. Tokyo Electric 6:55
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DJ, Artist, Remixer Fred P the mind behind Black Jazz Consortium creator and owner of Soul People Music. Recording for a wide range of indie labels most notable Underground Quality headed by the legendary DJ Jus Ed, Fred P has gained a following of true deep house lovers the world over. Staying true to his sound and vibe makes him a unique contributor to this genre. This simple moto brought to life such tracks as: "Deepness" from his debut CD RE:Actions of light as well as the timeless "No Looking Back" from his first solo ep on his own imprint. His view of the remix process is as unique as his personality reinventing ideas rather than tampering with the existing form....

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