1. Zodiak 5:23
  2. Etc. 2:47
  3. Excavate 2:58
  4. Photo Finish
  5. na melanżu
  6. Outlined
  7. See Emily Play
  8. Sermons
  9. Their God Reigns
  10. Wouldn't Wait
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Band Members:
Mike Armine (Rosetta vocals)
Herb Jowett (Lickgoldensky bass)
Drew Juergens (Balboa drums)
Christian McKenna
Mick Mullin

ZODIAK, featuring members of Rosetta, ex-Lickgoldensky, Balboa and Javelina have finished recording their long awaited debut "Sermons." The effort is to be mastered in the coming weeks and was recorded sporadically over the past three years by the band's guitarist, Mick Mullin at Super 8 Studios (High on Fire, Total Fucking Destruction, Intronaut.)

"Sermons" consists of eight tracks that were mostly created out of improvised jams, though according to the band a large portion of the material ca...

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Клип Zodiak - Zodiak


Клип Zodiak - na melanżu

na melanżu

Клип Zodiak - See Emily Play

See Emily Play

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