1. Life Ain't Easy 4:40
  2. Promises (feat. Cherub) 4:05
  3. My City 3:18
  4. Radio Flow 3:14
  5. The Black Canvas 3:30
  6. Mindless 3:57
  7. Paradise (Freestyle) 2:16
  8. Right Back Up 3:37
  9. Thought I Told Y'all 3:20
  10. Never Let You Down 3:18
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Yonas Mellesse, known under the mononym, YONAS, is an independent hip-hop artist hailing from New York City. Yonas often claims that with his music, he hopes to "bring content back to popular music."

Hailing from New York City, Yonas fuses thought-provoking content and infectious melodies with crossover music production. In just the past three years he has independently sold 100,000+ songs, 15,000+ albums and has accumulated over 70 million streams digitally. Yonas has released a total of 8 projects, including multiple albums, mixtapes and EPs. His albums have consistently reached top 5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts, top 25 on the overall iTunes album charts and top 50 on t...

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Клип Yonas - Life Ain't Easy

Life Ain't Easy

Клип Yonas - Radio Flow

Radio Flow

Клип Yonas - The Black Canvas

The Black Canvas

Клип Yonas - Mindless


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