1. I Want Cha
  2. Why (Radio Edit) 3:33
  3. Remember v.1
  4. Hold On 3:52
  5. My Beautiful One 6:19
  6. Take my breath away 3:19
  7. Ping Pong
  8. Take the Land 3:13
  9. Take The Lead (Original Radio Edit)
  10. Dirty Dancer 3:31
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1989–2007: Early life and education

Xonia was born 25 June 1989 in Melbourne, Australia to Romanian parents. Her full birth name is Loredana Sachelaru but she started promoting herself as "Xonia" since her adolescence.

In 1997, Xonia began showing interest in music and was subsequently signed to a recording contract with a local label in early 2003. Throughout her adolescence she worked with several music producers such as Rob Davis, Doug Brady and Kevin Colbert in order to record her debut album. Simultaneously, Xonia graduated the Australian Ballet School (Certificate III in Dance) and was taken under the mentorship of Robert Sturrock, a well-known choreographer an...

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Клип Xonia - Hold On

Hold On

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