Wooh Da Kid

  1. Laid Down 5:31
  2. My Mind Gone 3:22
  3. Black Out 4:01
  4. Dope Head [Prod. By Fuse 808 Mafia] 3:00
  5. Rude Boy 3:27
  6. Homicide 3:03
  7. Death Around The Corner [Prod.
  8. Decisions 3:53
  9. Don't Compare [Prod. By Southside]
  10. Everything Bricksquad 5:20
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His name is Wooh Da Kid. He’s from Queenz, NY. But moved down south to Southside Of Atlanta. He’s considered the underdog of So Icey Ent. His first offical mixtape titled “Pressure” came out October 12, 2009. And He also has an undeniable flow. So watch out, He’s the next big thing to come from So Icey Ent.

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Клип Wooh Da Kid - Laid Down

Laid Down

Клип Wooh Da Kid - My Mind Gone

My Mind Gone

Клип Wooh Da Kid - Black Out

Black Out

Клип Wooh Da Kid - Homicide


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