William Joseph

  1. Standing The Storm
  2. Radioactive 3:10
  3. Beyond 4:04
  4. Kashmir (Featuring Lucia Micarelli) 3:43
  5. Nothing Else Matters 4:23
  6. Cinema Paradiso 4:57
  7. Come Thou Fount 3:42
  8. Butterflies And Hurricanes 3:43
  9. Homeward Bound 3:41
  10. Within 3:00
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William Joseph is a pianist and recording artist from Phoenix, Arizona.

William Joseph won, at age 8, a full music scholarship provided by the Boys Club of America, enabling him to study piano with Russian pianist Stella Saperstein.

He was the first teacher hired by Piano Warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona and taught for the company Arizona Music Lessons later to be renamed Arizona Music Academy, for which he still performs short teaching periods.

In 2003, Joseph performed at a charity event in his hometown and bumped into David Foster, for whom he played. Foster was impressed, and they began collaborating, eventually writing several songs together that would appear on 2004&#...

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Клип William Joseph - Radioactive


Клип William Joseph - Beyond


Клип William Joseph - Butterflies And Hurricanes

Butterflies And Hurricanes

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