1. Be Good 2:32
  2. La Loose 3:13
  3. Bathtub 3:12
  4. Hollow Bedroom
  5. Swan Dive
  6. Dixie Cups and Jars
  7. Air
  8. Coast to Coast
  9. Lips and Limbs
  10. Brother Bryan
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Solo project of Katie Crutchfield of P.S. Eliot and Bad Banana.

Waxahatchee is a solo project of songwriter Katie Crutchfield formed after the breakup of P.S. Eliot. She released her first music as Waxahatchee as a split cassette with chris clavin on Plan-It-X Records. Her bedroom-recorded debut album, American Weekend, was released on Don Giovanni Records in 2012.

On June 11, 2012 “Be Good” was the song of the day on NPR as well as one of the best 50 songs of 2012. Her debut album, “American Weekend,” was named a top album of 2012 by Dusted magazine.

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Клип Waxahatchee - Be Good

Be Good

Клип Waxahatchee - La Loose

La Loose

Клип Waxahatchee - Bathtub


Клип Waxahatchee - Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast

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