1. V-Peat 3:15
  2. Lately
  3. All Right
  4. Audible Angels
  5. Believe It
  6. Blessings 3:22
  7. Crop Circles 3:58
  8. Domakesaythink
  9. If You Can't Say Love
  10. Pangaea 5:11
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The Visionaries is an underground hip hop crew from Los Angeles, California. The crew formed in 1995, and have since released four full-length albums on Up Above Records. The crew's six members have collectively released over twenty solo and side projects. They have collaborated and performed with many other hip-hop artists, including Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, Taktloss, De La Soul, Blackalicious, Jean Grae, Psycho Realm, Playalitical, Jay Dee aka J Dilla, and Jurassic 5. If You Can't Say Love is a single made famous by the video game Blitz: The League and is from their Pangaea album. In 2008, Visionaries' member 2Mex was featured on G...

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Клип Visionaries - Audible Angels

Audible Angels

Клип Visionaries - Blessings


Клип Visionaries - Crop Circles

Crop Circles

Клип Visionaries - Pangaea


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