1. Fahrenheit 911 ft. Slaine
  2. Stay With Me 6:27
  3. Beatdown
  4. Blood In the Rain
  5. Chaos Theory
  6. If You Lost Someone
  7. Incinerator
  8. Man of the Hour
  9. Rainmaker
  10. Silent Conversation
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By age 17, Virtuoso was making his own vinyl records, appearing on international releases and touring across the globe. Virtuoso’s fiery, intellectual battle raps and honest, cutting-edge social commentary quickly caught the attention of the international underground hip-hop community. With a deep, powerful voice and a versatile, unique flow, he debuted on wax in 1998 and was immediately recognized as a force to be reckoned with on the exploding Boston hip-hop scene. After whetting appetites…

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Клип Virtuoso - Fahrenheit 911 ft. Slaine

Fahrenheit 911 ft. Slaine

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