1. Mama mia 2:54
  2. Striptease 3:51
  3. Eva 4:11
  4. Кто хочет стать королевой
  5. Plohaya devochka
  6. Fresh water 3:38
  7. Very Dance
  8. Play
  9. Devochki-Lunatiki 4:27
  10. Smutny 4:47
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Spanish group VINTAGE was formed in 1992 in Reus, following the disbandment of rock act SKLAT where J. Carles Fernández (keyboards), Esteve Rodríguez (vocals), Óscar Gómez (bass), Eduard Bernat (guitar) and Abel Benito (drums, percussion) all had been members.

1993 saw the band's debut as a concert act, performing new compositions as well as some songs developed by the members while still a part of former band SKLAT.

1994 saw the release of the demo "Abisme", containing compositions influenced by symphonic rock to a greater extent than the more mainstream oriented material previously made by the band.

Some time after the release of the demo tape VINTAGE di...

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Клип Vintage - Mama mia

Mama mia

Клип Vintage - Striptease


Клип Vintage - Eva


Клип Vintage - Plohaya devochka

Plohaya devochka

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