Villa Nah

  1. Running On 4:23
  2. Running On - Kebacid Remix
  3. Some Kind of Dream 4:03
  4. All the Days 4:48
  5. Autumn Gone
  6. Daylight
  7. Emerald Hills
  8. Envelope
  9. Rainmaker
  10. Time for Tea
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like all classic partnerships in the vein of hornet & kato or riggs & murtaugh, villa nah is a combination of two opposites - tomi & juho. i met tomi at an early age before elementary school - we quickly developed a friendship over tiny micro machines toys and macgyver episodes. after school i spent countless of hours at their house, hearing his big sister's beatles records in the background and dreaming of never having to do homework ever again.

we remained close through all these years - a small miracle considering how fleeting friendships can be. but even more so as we're still quite different from one another: tomi keeps a calm and collected demeanour, i g...

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Клип Villa Nah - Running On

Running On

Клип Villa Nah - Running On - Kebacid Remix

Running On - Kebacid Remix

Клип Villa Nah - Some Kind of Dream

Some Kind of Dream

Клип Villa Nah - Autumn Gone

Autumn Gone

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