1. My Enemy 4:57
  2. Metrion
  3. I Remember You 3:05
  4. Hold Me Closer 3:42
  5. Breathe 3:52
  6. Keeping You Accountable 3:54
  7. Confess 3:32
  8. Night Vision 4:40
  9. Home 4:07
  10. Exposure 5:15
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Veela's purpose is to take you away, to show the world beauty in all things. Being a music producer, vocalist and DJ has allowed her to close her eyes and dance with the beings she meets along the way, while pulverizing bass bins and delivering the perfect drop. She wants nothing more than to include everyone in her wide eyed, wondered view of music and glitter, making it impossible to not grin when she's having so much fun on the decks. Love and magic.

... Полная биография


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Клип Veela - Metrion


Клип Veela - I Remember You

I Remember You

Клип Veela - Hold Me Closer

Hold Me Closer

Клип Veela - Breathe


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