1. eve's song 4:05
  2. Powder 5:26
  3. Your Mouth 6:08
  4. In My Ampoule
  5. East Calling
  6. When You Kiss Me 2:31
  7. Scarlet Fields
  8. Save You 3:27
  9. Voltman 3:12
  10. eve's song
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Vuri Roots- the band reunited in the end of 2013. The guys actively engaged in the proceeds of music making after the realise of their first track in January 2014..

The guys live in Samara(Russia)- dirty industrial town on the picturesque bank of the river Volga. Here they all met and gathered together in order to embody their dream to create music and play it for a huge audience. The main vocalist Ilya says that Vuri Roots/they discovered their unique and unrepeatable sound from the first rehearsals. In the first 6 months of their existence as Vuri Roots, the guys performed in various concerts a...

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Клип VURI ROOTS - Scarlet Fields

Scarlet Fields

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