1. Oxygene 3:12
  2. Vertigo
  3. Holy 3:18
  4. Revolver 3:53
  5. Said and Done
  6. Devil In My Backseat
  7. The Drained
  8. Kings & Cons
  9. Welcome The Now
  10. Nomad
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1. Нойз рок формация из Миннеаполиса, США. Думается, не стоит объяснять, что лейбл Amphetamine Reptile Records никогда не держал в своём ростере "проходных" команд. Имеется одноимённый альбом 1990 года.

2. Summary
An unknown duo with a drummer. Maarten Huiskamp is also known for his collaborations with Brasse on the same label and his work under the name Jacob's Ladder.
The music
The first track is a euphoric instrumental with sharp clear guitar work and powerful drumming. This track is not really typical for the rest of the album, because what follows then are melodic rock vocal tracks, rather straightforwardly constructed and although the execution is...

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Клип VERTIGO - Oxygene


Клип VERTIGO - Vertigo


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