1. Waterfall 5:20
  2. Waiting 3:10
  3. Before
  4. Breaking Bones
  5. Við Vökum 3:32
  6. Show Me 3:22
  7. Adrift 4:20
  8. Ég bíð þín 3:15
  9. Lightning Storm 2:57
  10. Jafnvel þó við þekkjumst ekki neitt 4:07
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Vök is an electronic pop duo that consists of Margrét Rán Magnúsdóttir, Andri Már Enoksson and Ólafur Alexander Ólafsson.

The Music Experiments have always been a fertile ground for up and coming artists and Record Records has signed a few of the winning artists, including Of Monsters and Men, Agent Fresco and Mammút.
We’re really excited about Vök and we have high expectations in relation to their upcoming releases and we can affirm that a small buzz is being generated outside of Iceland.

Vök have been working on their debut full length album that might see the light of day in 2014. Already we have heard the singles “Ég bíð þín” and “Before” and in the fall of 2013 we he...

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Клип Vök - Waterfall


Клип Vök - Waiting


Клип Vök - Before


Клип Vök - Við Vökum

Við Vökum

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