Trolley Snatcha

  1. Nasty Sh*T
  2. SlowDown 5:31
  3. We Go Deep
  4. Always On My Mind
  5. Bae
  6. DontStep
  7. Dubplate
  8. Fuck You Looking At
  9. Insanity
  10. Make My Whole World
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Trolley Snatcha (born 19 September 1987) is the stage name of English dubstep record producer and DJ, Zack Kemp. formerly a drum and bass producer releasing under various different stage names. First gaining attention in early 2008, in just a short time he has written & performed with a number of high profile artists from various music scenes. Trolley Snatcha is signed exclusively to and releases his records through Dub Police Records, a label which was started and is owned by dubstep legend Caspa. Although only gaining a larger following around early 2008 he has been writing and producing music since a young age.

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Клип Trolley Snatcha - SlowDown


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