1. I Follow Rivers 3:37
  2. I Follow Rivers (Greg Gordon Mix) 3:37
  3. Soon 4:41
  4. The One (Wantigga Remix) (feat. Method Man)
  5. Without A Sound 4:31
  6. I Follow Rivers - Live @ Giel!
  7. All This Dancin' Around 3:50
  8. Big Hole
  9. By Absence Of The Sun
  10. Game
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Triggerfinger is a Belgian rock band from Antwerp, Belgium, formed in 1998. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Ruben Block, bassist Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goossens as drummer.

The band gained a small amount of popularity while performing prior to the band's debut album. They released their self-titled debut album Triggerfinger in 2004, after previously having released the singles Inner Peace and Camaro from the album. The album was well-received by rock fans, with the band's sound being compared to bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, by the younger audience, and Led Zeppelin, by the older rock fans.

The album was followed by a live album called Fad...

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Клип Triggerfinger - I Follow Rivers

I Follow Rivers

Клип Triggerfinger - I Follow Rivers (Greg Gordon Mix)

I Follow Rivers (Greg Gordon Mix)

Клип Triggerfinger - Soon


Клип Triggerfinger - Without A Sound

Without A Sound

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