Trent Dabbs

  1. I'm Not OK 3:59
  2. Last Kiss 3:16
  3. Inside These Lines 4:29
  4. Until You Won Me Over 3:37
  5. Nature of the Beast 3:27
  6. The One Who Stays
  7. Keep Me Young 3:10
  8. Your Side Now 3:25
  9. Off We Go (feat. Erin McCarley)
  10. Don't Believe in Stars 4:49
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Trent Dabbs is an American singer-songwriter who was raised in Jackson, but has been based in Nashville for his professional career. He co-founded the musical collective Ten Out of Tenn in 2005. Dabbs has released six solo albums and a self-titled collaboration album with Ashley Monroe since his move to Nashville. His first release in 2005, Quite Often, produced by Dennis Herring won the ears of Alexandra Patsavas and landed a spot on the TV show The O.C. and an opening spot for REM at the Ryman Auditorium.

Since then his songs have been played in several TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and Hawaii Five-0...

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Клип Trent Dabbs - I'm Not OK

I'm Not OK

Клип Trent Dabbs - Last Kiss

Last Kiss

Клип Trent Dabbs - Inside These Lines

Inside These Lines

Клип Trent Dabbs - Until You Won Me Over

Until You Won Me Over

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