Travis Porter

  1. Make It Rain 3:58
  2. Ayy Ladies feat. Tyga - Explicit Version
  3. Bring It Back (Explicit Version)
  4. Down Low ft. Tyga 4:29
  5. Ayy Ladies 3:31
  6. Ayy Ladies (Explicit Version) (feat. Tyga)
  7. Doggin 4:38
  8. Dem Girls 3:33
  9. Birthday Girl 4:31
  10. Aww Yea 3:29
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Travis Porter is a rap group from Atlanta, GA. It consists of three members" Strap, Ali, and Quez. They are a part of what is known as Porter House Music Group, and are the biggest unsigned group in the country. They have had national radio play with their hit "Go Shorty Go" and have recently been featured on MTV's Mixtape Daily, as well as the first to be featured on MTV Jams in this summer's Fab 5.

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Клип Travis Porter - Make It Rain

Make It Rain

Клип Travis Porter - Ayy Ladies

Ayy Ladies

Клип Travis Porter - Doggin


Клип Travis Porter - Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

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