Tommy Stinson

  1. Light Of Day 4:57
  2. All This Way For Nothing
  3. Come to Hide
  4. Don't Deserve You
  5. Hey You
  6. It's A Drag
  7. Meant To Be
  8. Motivation
  9. Without A View 4:13
  10. Not A Moment Too Soon
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Thomas "Tommy" Eugene Stinson (born October 6, 1966, in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American musician best known for his work as the bassist for The Replacements and Guns N' Roses as well as the post-Replacements groups Bash & Pop, where he performed guitar duties, and Perfect. He released his debut solo album, Village Gorilla Head in 2004 and also joined Soul Asylum for the completion of their album, The Silver Lining, and the subsequent tour in 2006.

The Replacements (1979–1991)
Main article: The Replacements (band)

After beginning to learn the bass at the age of 11, Stinson began playing and covering songs with his brother, Bob Stinson, and drummer...

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Клип Tommy Stinson - Light Of Day

Light Of Day

Клип Tommy Stinson - All This Way For Nothing

All This Way For Nothing

Клип Tommy Stinson - Hey You

Hey You

Клип Tommy Stinson - Meant To Be

Meant To Be

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