Tokyo Prose

  1. Status Anxiety 5:35
  2. Retake
  3. 16 Bar Cycles
  4. All Things
  5. Covet
  6. Dance with You
  7. See Through Love 5:17
  8. Small Gains
  9. Songbird 5:12
  10. Ventura
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London-based New Zealander Sam Reed was first snapped up by Samurai Music back in 2008, when Tokyo Prose were still a duo. Three years later came a breakthrough double-pack called Introducing Tokyo Prose.

Since signing to Samurai Music, Tokyo Prose has released music across all 3 Samurai Music Group labels, as well as Hospital Records and Sun & Bass Recordings. Each one of these releases has been a musical stepping stone leading to this – his debut album ‘Presence’.

‘Presence’ marks the culmination of Sam’s musical exploration and evolution thus far and features dazzling solo works as well as a stellar ensemble of collaborative artists that includes Lenzman, Synkro, LSB, D...

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