Toby Hedges

  1. Images - Johan Vilborg Remix
  2. Images
  3. Mirai [ASOT 610] - Mimax Remix
  4. Mirai - Original Mix
  5. Sukha - Radio Edit
  6. Sukha [Yekaterinburg - Warm Up Set] - Original M
  7. Square One - Original Mix
  8. Sukha [ASOT 603] - Original Mix
  9. Skylight
  10. Chasing the Sun - Original Mix
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Toby Hedges
London, Britain (UK)

Soundcloud |
A sound that’s warm, refreshing and open-minded. A talent, young at heart but old enough to realize the endless stream of ideas in his creative mind. EDM land may have only just met its new player, but Toby Hedges is all-in on the game of music. Based in the leading city of London, UK producer/DJ Toby Hedges sends out his message.

A message that’s made of exceptional production skills, a sound that’s driven by progressive, trance and everything in between, and of course the right stamina to proof he’s no one-hit wonder. Toby Hedges is ready to meet the world. And he will. Having won the Ar...

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