Thomas Ulstrup

  1. Autumn Evening Star
  2. Thomas Ulstrup - Jack of All Tra
  3. Disco Fever
  4. Bomba
  5. Entangled
  6. Here Comes The Rain
  7. Jack Of All Trades - Radio Edit 2:43
  8. Jack Of All Trades [Mix Cut] - Original Mix
  9. Reaction
  10. Rubberdub
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Thomas Ulstrup
Thomas Ulstrup
Aalborg, Denmark

Born on April 24th, 1986.

Aged 13 Thomas started getting interested in musicproduction. Using all the available trackers he found his love in music.

Switching from FastTracker to Rebirth to Reason and then finally to Cubase, he has been gaining a lot of experience throughout the years of producing.

Being young doesn't prevent Thomas from being an already experienced producer and his massive releases and supports only supports this fact. For 8 years Thomas produced all sorts of pop, trance and house but in 2007 Thomas had his first hardstyle-release on the famous "Droppin' Beats" label own...

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Клип Thomas Ulstrup - Autumn Evening Star

Autumn Evening Star

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