The Trews

  1. What's Fair Is Fair
  2. The Power Of Positive Drinking 2:50
  3. Highway of Heroes 3:52
  4. Hold Me In Your Arms 3:07
  5. Hope & Ruin 3:59
  6. Not Ready To Go 3:03
  7. Paranoid Freak 4:21
  8. Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
  9. Rise in the Wake
  10. So She's Leaving
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Colin MacDonald - vocals, guitar
John-Angus MacDonald - guitar, vocals
Jack Syperek - bass, vocals
Sean Dalton - drums, vocals

You can hear it in the first four bars of the album. A meaty, beaty, big and bouncy drum fill, followed by a glistening guitar line that could have been ripped from an old Rockpile album, and a breathy Hammond B3 so beautifully captured that it seems to conjure the dimensions of the room it sits in. It’s huge, but intimate. Heavy, but airborne. And the hook is strong enough that you could hang a whale from it.

“In the end, we made sort of a two sided record,” says Trews guitarist John Angus MacDonald, of the band’s third album, No Time ...

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Клип The Trews - Highway of Heroes

Highway of Heroes

Клип The Trews - Hold Me In Your Arms

Hold Me In Your Arms

Клип The Trews - Not Ready To Go

Not Ready To Go

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