The Prophet

  1. One Moment 5:54
  2. Emergency Call (Defqon 2005 Anthem) (Original Mix) 6:45
  3. Pitch Black (Official Black 2011 Anthem)
  4. Skum 4:17
  5. One Moment (Bass Modulators Remix Album Edit) 4:07
  6. Echoes (Album Edit) (feat. Lilly Julian)
  7. Maximus (Original Mix)
  9. Window Of Time - Radio Edit
  10. My Worship 6:33
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Dov J. Elkabas aka 'The Prophet' was born on 5 November 1968. He started deejaying in 1983. He first discovered turntables when he visited a roller disco (Het Nijlpaardenhuis) in Amsterdam.
He was so impressed by the enthusiasm it evoked that he got a job so he could buy a set of SL1200 MK2s and practice with the turntables at home. He spun disco at Het Nijlpaardenhuis for approximately two years until the roller disco was closed down. He then moved to a hip hop venue in Amsterdam known as 'Akhnaton'. Together with the members of the legendary 'Osdorp Posse' among others he started trying to make music in a very alternative way. There was no house music ...

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Клип The Prophet - One Moment

One Moment

Клип The Prophet - Pitch Black (Official Black 2011 Anthem)

Pitch Black (Official Black 2011 Anthem)

Клип The Prophet - My Worship

My Worship

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