The Product

  1. My Damage
  2. Break the Silence 2:58
  3. Light It Up 2:54
  4. Nightmare 3:01
  5. Make Your Move 3:37
  6. Better Off This Way
  7. In the Blink of an Eye 3:30
  8. I'll Be There For You
  9. Sunrise And Sunsets 3:29
  10. Stitches
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The Product is an Alternative Rock band based out of Detroit, Michigan. The band formed in early 2009with the original line-up of B.J. Perry, R.J. Perry, Rich Bennett and Jerome Reilly. Several months later the band parted ways with Jerome, and picked up former band mate and high school friend Charlie Jewell. They have released two E.P.'s titled "Break The Silence" and more recently "So Alive".

Their debut EP, Break The Silence, was self-released in 2009 and generated an instant buzz throughout the Midwest. The track "Nightmare" stayed at Number 1 on Alternative Addiction's top ten Unsigned Ba...

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Клип The Product - My Damage

My Damage

Клип The Product - Break the Silence

Break the Silence

Клип The Product - Light It Up

Light It Up

Клип The Product - Nightmare


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