The One Hundred

  1. Breed 3:58
  2. Break Me Down 3:06
  3. Dreamcatcher 3:14
  4. Monster 3:35
  5. Downfall 3:36
  6. Kingsmen 3:45
  7. No FKX 1:18
  8. Tale Of Two Cities 3:14
  9. Unleashed 3:42
  10. Still & Fine 7:12
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OCTOBER 7th 2013, United Kingdom. Upstarts THE ONE HUNDRED have landed. Hailing from London and formed in late 2012 the band have spent the last year writing, demoing and recording their as yet untitled EP scheduled for release early 2014.

Having extensively played and toured together as members of electro/metalcore band ‘COLLAPSE THE CONTROL’, Jacob Field, Tim Hider and Phil Kneller knew a little something about being a band. More importantly, they knew when something was wrong. It was summer 2012 – The band had just destroyed the Red Bull stage at Hevy Fest. What should have been a joyous occasion was somewhat sombre. The band was over and the guys knew it. It was time for a chang...

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Клип The One Hundred - Break Me Down

Break Me Down

Клип The One Hundred - Monster


Клип The One Hundred - Kingsmen


Клип The One Hundred - Unleashed


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