The Legion

  1. On swift wings 5:10
  2. Jingle Jangle 4:42
  3. Horror vacui 6:12
  4. Grotesque savior
  5. Virtue of sin
  6. Those beyond 3:24
  7. Retribution 3:37
  8. Annihilation chaos
  9. Impious gathering
  10. Carnal harvest
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The Legion´s march of conquest started in 1999 with the purpose to bring a new, icy chill to the then self-mutilated and corrupted extreme metal scene. The long sold-out demo tape "Bloodaeons" (2000) and ep "Awakened Fury" (Neodawn/Deepsend, 2003) helped to stir an underground reputation that was soon to evolve into full-scale worldwide recognition. In June 2003 the horde went off to Abyss Studios to record the debut album "Unseen to Creation" for launch later the same year on the French label Listenable Records.

The year 2004 saw a series of deflowering violence at stages across Europe. After avoiding public exposure during 2005, The Legion resumed the...

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