The Last Day Of April

  1. Зима 2:19
  2. Age of Indifference 3:07
  3. So Pathetic 3:40
  4. Мел 3:31
  5. Save Me 3:43
  6. Agony 3:46
  7. And Say Hello... 3:23
  8. In The Bedroom
  10. sing in! (intro)
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THE LAST DAY OF APRIL (TLDA) is an alternative rock-band from Voronezh, Russia.

The band currently consists of singer Dina Mezinova, bass player Semen Zaraiskii, drummer Alex Zakrzewski, piano player Alexander Strakhov and the founder of the band guitarist Nikita Samoylenko.

THE LAST DAY OF APRIL toured extensively throughout Russia, alongside such bands as Sonic Syndicate (Sweden) and E-SEX-T, PERIMETR, TKN (Russia).

Their first single "" was the first attempt to find their own sound. Clean vocals were a full-time feature. Later the band began to include metalcore elements into their music as can be seen in the couple of songs from their first ...

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Клип The Last Day Of April - Зима


Клип The Last Day Of April - And Say Hello...

And Say Hello...

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