The Hundred In The Hands

  1. Ghosts 3:49
  2. Recognise 4:27
  3. Tom Tom 3:40
  4. Red Night
  5. Lovesick
  6. Commotion
  7. Dressed In Dresden 3:35
  8. Last City
  9. Gold Blood 3:22
  10. Dead Ending 4:06
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We came together when we bonded playing one another tracks in a van. We were driving across the U.S. listening to Moroder/Molton style disco; French House & minimal techno; Post-Punk favorites like Young Marble Giants, Wire, The Cure & New Order; Black Star, Dilla, De La Soul vintage hip-hop; 60’s mod, garage & girl groups and loads of Studio 1/Trojan era ska & dub. When we got back, we wrote ‘Dressed In Dresden’ over a couple of days in the studio and decided this was a band we wanted to be. We spent the next year writing and recording. We write together. One or the other brings in the foundation of a new track or lyrics and the two of us add to it, writing as we record, ...

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Клип The Hundred In The Hands - Ghosts


Клип The Hundred In The Hands - Tom Tom

Tom Tom

Клип The Hundred In The Hands - Lovesick


Клип The Hundred In The Hands - Commotion


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