The Gift

  1. Black 3:18
  2. I Loved It All (Intro) 4:42
  3. Intro
  4. Primavera 3:23
  5. RGB
  6. Love Angel
  7. Driving You Slow
  8. Made For You 4:40
  9. La Terraza
  10. Question of Love
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Formed in 1994, The Gift was initially a side project of the Dead Souls, Nuno Gonçalves and Miguel Ribeiro’s band at the time. The evolution from one project to another was natural, as they felt the Dead Souls sound was limited by their instrumentation (guitar, drums and bass)and they wanted to experiment with new sounds and explore new musical paths.

In September 1994, Sónia Tavares, Nuno and John Gonçalves, Miguel Ribeiro and Ricardo Braga enrolled in the Bar Ben Music Competition in Alcobaça and took second place in the competition, to everyone's great surprise, given the band’s short time in existence.

The band performed its first show at the Alcobaça Monastery in Jul...

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Клип The Gift - Black


Клип The Gift - Primavera


Клип The Gift - RGB


Клип The Gift - Made For You

Made For You

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